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Wilderness First Aid

Welcome to Klepper Training Academy, your destination for comprehensive Wilderness First Aid Training in South East Queensland. Our courses are designed to equip outdoor professionals, guides, and enthusiasts with essential life-saving skills for remote settings. In this beautiful corner of Australia, where outdoor adventures abound, our training will help ensure your safety and that of your team. Discover the key to confidence in the wilderness through our expert Wilderness First Aid programs.

Learning Plan

The WFA course is conducted in a blended environment. A portion of the learning is conducted electronically before arrival on the Klepper Online Learning Environment (KOLE). This pre-course and multiple choice assessment should take approximately 10 -16 hours to complete and will provide the participant with all the theoretical knowledge required to successfully complete the course. This enables the participants to complete all practical activities within two days on-site.
This course is capped at a maximum of 24 students and works off a 1:8 instructor-to-student ratio. This guarantees you access to industry-leading experts in activities in remote and wilderness areas.

Course Conduct

The WFA course is not overly physically demanding; however, it is conducted in simulated remote and wilderness environments. With this in mind, a basic level of fitness is required. This includes the ability to walk distances of 1 – 2km with a light backpack. Additionally, due to the physically intense nature of the practical assessments, this course is of moderate physical difficulty.

Whilst it is not mandatory to stay in the location overnight, there is a night serial that will run until approximately 9 pm (season dependent) on the first night. As part of the course fee, campsite costs are covered, however, the activity is not catered. Students will be required to bring their own meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) with only light refreshments provided. Each location has access to a camp kitchen with rudimentary cooking facilities. More information is provided within the courses joining instruction found in the learner management system.

Units of Competency

Upon completion of the Wilderness First Aid course, you will be issued with the below units of competency and the wilderness first aid skill set. The WFA skillset is current for three years whilst the provide CPR unit of competency is current for one year.

Unit Code Unit of Competency
Provide First Aid
Provide first aid in remote locations
Coordinate emergency responses
Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Provide basic emergency life support
Provide First Aid in remote or isolated site
Coordinate emergency responses

Upcoming Courses

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
Wilderness First Aid July 2024 - Guanaba (Gold Coast) 20/07/2024 21/07/2024 $620.00
Wilderness First Aid September 2024 - Brisbane (Samford) 09/09/2024 10/09/2024 $620.00
Wilderness First Aid October 2024 - Williamstown - South Australia 05/10/2024 06/10/2024 $620.00
Wilderness First Aid November 2024 - Brisbane (Samford) 30/11/2024 01/12/2024 $620.00

Lead Trainer

Mr Hayden Goldstraw

Hayden is accomplished in the world of outdoor adventure and emergency care, blending the theoretical knowledge of a teaching degree with the practical wisdom gained from a decade of outdoor leadership.  Hayden is assisted by a number of specialist instructors including Kelsie, Erica and Jason. For a full bio of all these staff members, please head to the meet the team section at the top of the page.


What roles can I get with completion of this course?

The Wilderenss First Aid skillset is often a requriement for workplaces that conduct their operations outside of acceptable paramedic or other first responder time frames. Roles include:

  • Outdoor Leaders
  • Scouts / Guides
  • Workers in remote locations
  • People travelling internationally

Can I apply for credit transfer?

A Wilderness First Aid qualification is only valid for 3 years, and your CPR skills should be recertified every 12 months. Accordingly, RPL for Wilderness First Aid only occurs in unique circumstances. Regardless, the Klepper Training Academy team are skilled in the RPL process and are always eager to investigate alternate qualification pathways for our learners

What are the refund and transfer policies and conditions?

The Klepper Training Academy adheres to a transparent and structured fee system and transfer policy which is detailed in the student handbook that can be found here

What are the entry requirements for the course?

There is no age limit, however applicants under the age of 18 will require parental consent to participate.

Additionally, for the WFA course specifically the course is conducted over two very busy days. The time in training is approximately 22 of the 40 hours and includes night-time serials, and simulated injuries. It is recommended that all participants are of moderate fitness before participating. An indicator of this is the ability to walk >1.5km with a small, light weight, day bag.

Emu Gully
Adam GrantProgram and Development

The quality of the training delivered by Klepper Training Academy exceeded our expectations. The scenarios presented were realistic, comprehensive and engaging, thoroughly challenging participants and enhancing the learning journey. The training equipment provided was of high quality, contributing to an immersive learning experience. Instructors demonstrated expertise and tailored the training to our organisation addressing the unique challenges associated with responding to first aid events, particularly in more remote areas. Klepper staff listened and tailored the experience to our staff and site demonstrated by arriving on site with tailored scenarios as well as adjusting to feedback throughout.

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