Meet The Team

Meet The Team

The team at KTA is here to empower you on your educational journey. We are deeply passionate about learning and development, and we specialise in tailored initiatives to enhance your capabilities. With exceptional interpersonal skills, we build strong relationships and foster a culture of excellence and growth. Let our commitment and expertise shape your growth in an ever-evolving landscape and together, we’ll unlock your full potential.

Bryce Turner


Bryce is an experienced leader with near 20 years of experience in the Defence and business sectors. He is dedicated to nurturing personal and professional growth in individuals and excels at inspiring and guiding others to create an environment for success. Bryce champions continuous learning and implementing innovative strategies to enhance skills and leadership. His passion lies in unlocking unique talents and propelling individuals to surpass expectations. He actively contributes to community initiatives, sharing his expertise as a panellist, speaker, and mentor. With an impressive leadership record and unwavering commitment to development, Bryce positively impacts those around him.

Lauren Fuller


Lauren is an accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience in training and workforce roles across various sectors, including Defence, public, and private. She excels in understanding organisational learning needs and elevating team and individual capabilities. Lauren’s dedication to excellence drives her to craft bespoke training programs that align skill gaps with strategic goals to boost productivity. Her exceptional interpersonal skills form strong stakeholder bonds, fostering trust and open communication.

Simon McKechnie


Simon possesses 18 years of experience in the Defence and vocational education sector. His expertise lies in training and operations management, prioritising people management and innovative teaching methods. Simon’s proactive, analytical approach ensures efficient operations and impactful training, excelling in program assessment and decision-making for learning enhancement. His dedication to excellence is evident in his engaging, comprehensive training materials. His commitment to ongoing professional development and learner-centred approach makes him an invaluable asset in training and operations management.

Zaynah Ali-Mormanis


Zaynah is a highly motivated, adaptable, and innovative administrative professional who diligently supports internal teams and is passionate about assisting learners from enrolment through to course completion. She is proficient in administering Learning Management Systems, training documentation, and e-learning programs, and is skilled in maintaining ASQA and AQTF regulatory knowledge. Zaynah demonstrates a strong aptitude for customer service, problem-solving, and organisational efficiency, and her commitment to personal growth, and dedication to others’ success make her a valuable team member.

Carly Barnard


Carly is an experienced commercial professional with over 12 years of experience in negotiation, contract administration, procurement, and commercial management. She has expertise in the construction, Defence, and federal government sectors. Throughout her career, Carly has implemented strategies aligned with changing business requirements and managed processes such as contract development, documentation, tendering, evaluation, and contract awarding. She is well-versed in advising on risk management and Procurement and contracting frameworks in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rule (CPRs).

Carly has worked on various major projects across Australia, including Air Force Capability projects, Army Minors Project, Snowy 2.0 project, Zinfra Group, ActewAGL Fit for Purpose project for GFG Alliance. Her expertise in commercial and contract management is supported by her experience and knowledge in negotiation, math, decision-making, and analytical skills She has a demonstrated commitment to maintaining high standards of professionalism and achieving optimal outcomes in procurement and contract management.

Hayden Goldstraw


Hayden is accomplished in the world of outdoor adventure, blending the theoretical knowledge of a teaching degree with the practical wisdom gained from a decade of outdoor leadership. He understands that the outdoors can be a powerful classroom, and he excels at transforming outdoor environments into spaces for growth, empowerment, and skill development. Hayden’s passion for exploration and unwavering commitment to safety make him a sought-after expert in the field, ready to guide you on a journey of learning and discovery. With Hayden, you’re not just embarking on an adventure; you’re entering a dynamic learning environment where every outdoor experience is an opportunity for personal growth and skill development. Instructor, leader, and adventurer – Hayden is your trusted guide to mastering the art of outdoor leadership and emergency care.

Erica Williams


Erica, a healthcare professional with over a decade of experience in military medicine and nursing, has transitioned her skills to civilian healthcare, where she is known for her level-headedness in high-pressure situations. She is also a dedicated surf lifesaver with over 14 years of service, ensuring beach safety and providing emergency support. Erica is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Paramedicine and is committed to expanding her knowledge and staying at the forefront of pre-hospital emergency care. She is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on her community and the lives she encounters.

Jason Hatcher


Jason is an Australian military veteran with over 30 years of service. Throughout his career, Jason has excelled in frontline roles, including as a Patrol Medic, where he received a letter of commendation for his life-saving actions. With extensive experience in training exercises, Jason is passionate about sharing his knowledge and preparing individuals for emergency situations. His ultimate goal is to empower individuals with the skills and confidence needed to navigate and manage emergencies.

Tom Wood

ILS/IPS Specialist

Tom is a seasoned professional adept at managing Programs, Projects, Logistics, and Supply Chains. With a wealth of experience in ILS/IPS Sustainment and Procurement, he has held leadership positions at the Director/General Manager level. Notably, he successfully led the Defence School of Logistics in the United Kingdom and implemented ILS/IPS solutions in both the UK and Australia.

As a trainer, Tom brings valuable real-world insights from his dynamic career, placing a strong emphasis on knowledge-sharing and mentorship. His proactive approach to anticipating challenges and aligning with corporate strategy establishes him as a crucial asset in driving organisational change and achieving positive outcomes.

Kelsie Herbert

Emergency Care Instructor & Assessor

Kelsie Herbert is a highly skilled healthcare professional with comprehensive experience in various settings, including occupational health, hospitals, and aeromedical services. Her educational background includes a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine from James Cook University, alongside Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and Paramedic Science. Kelsie excels in challenging environments, which is complemented by her roles in humanitarian aid and as a Clinical Educator and Wilderness Medicine Instructor. She is currently furthering her expertise with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Actively involved in the Australasian Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Society as Vice-President, Kelsie also dedicates her time to volunteer work, underscoring her commitment to community service and global health initiatives.

Louise McAlpine

Specialist Trainer - Tourism

Louise has extensive global experience in the tourism, hospitality and event industries. A commercially astute professional with sound judgment in developing and building organisational capability and results. Passionate trainer and assessor with highly developed communication and interpersonal skills that focus on achieving the best possible results for each individual learner with engaging and interactive assessments. She has a high level of integrity and skills across sales, marketing, event and stakeholder management, negotiation, and change management. Experience across all tourism accommodation sectors with product procurement, sales and operations and as a state judge for the annual caravan and camping awards of excellence.

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