What options do I have for payment?

At the Klepper Training Academy, we belive that education should be accesible. We are open and transparent with all course costs and fees up front so there wont be any hidden costs. Additionally, as students you have rights under the ASQA Guidelines for Registered Training Organisations. Below are the different methods in which you can pay for your course fees.

Stripe is the default payment gateway for paying off fees directly, or for online enrolments. 

Square is used for payments over the phone, as well as our mobile EFTPOS terminals in our vans and classrooms. 

Ezypay is our preferred platform for payment plans and long-duration repayments of student fees. Ezypay is flexible and we can offer terms from 8 weeks to 2 years for payment (on some qualfiications only). Payment plans must be completed prior to certificates being issued.

What are the fees for Recognition of Prior Learning, and how do they differ?

RPL allows students with significant experience to receive assessment of their experience, without necessarily needing to complete the learnings of full qualifications. More on RPL can be found on the link, below:

RPL fees are worked out per the following equation:

Total Fee = Admin Fee + RPL Unit Fees + Gap Training Fee

The admin fee is a flat $500 to commence the RPL process. This covers the expense of the Learner Management System and RPL assessment.

The RPL Unit fees vary but are charged at each unit of RPL that is granted. They can vary between $100 – $300 depending on the level of qualification.

Similarly, the Gap training fee is charged for the units that you must complete in full, that is your experience or evidence is insufficient to grant RPL. These also vary between $300 – $600 depending on level of qualification.

RPL Case Study

Steven – Diploma of Business

Steven is looking to complete a Diploma of Business. Steven has been running his own small company for the previous six years, but due to a market downturn is now required to find a salaried position. He has decided that a Diploma of Business will enable him to target managerial roles, instead of working from an entry level position.

Steven approaches KTA to receive RPL. The training manager conducts a quick free and no obligation review of Steven’s experience and positions and determines he is a suitable candidate for RPL. 

Steven pays the initial $500 to commence the work. To complete a Diploma of Business, steven is required to complete 12 units of competency. Steven has collected all the evidence required in the RPL kit, and it is deemed he is eligible for 9 units. Steven needs to complete the remaining 3 in full. Stevens full amount will be:

Total Fee = $500 + (9 x $150) + (3 x $360) = $2,930 (a saving of $1,870 from the full fee).